Tao Jingwen, Board Member and Chairman of the CSD Committee for Huawei, joined the Summit and delivered a keynote speech.

Huawei and IUCN Host Tech4Nature Summit to Promote Innovation in Nature ConservationSustainability

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Huawei, in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), successfully hosted the Tech4Nature Summit, highlighting the integration of technology in nature conservation. This event brought together leaders from technology and environmental sectors to explore innovative solutions for preserving biodiversity.

Tech4Nature Summit Overview

Held in June 2024, the Tech4Nature Summit aimed to bridge the gap between technology and nature conservation. The event emphasized the critical role of digital technology, such as AI, cloud computing, and IoT, in monitoring and protecting biodiversity. Experts and stakeholders gathered to discuss the implementation of these advanced technologies in environmental conservation efforts.

Key Initiatives and Discussions

  1. Tech4Nature Program: Established in 2020, the Tech4Nature program is a five-year partnership between Huawei and IUCN. The program focuses on applying digital solutions to global nature conservation projects, enhancing the management and protection of natural habitats.

  2. Innovative Case Studies: The summit showcased successful case studies from various parts of the world. These examples demonstrated how technology can effectively support conservation efforts, including AI-powered monitoring systems for endangered species, drone surveillance for forest conservation, and data analytics for marine ecosystem protection.

  3. Panel Discussions: Experts from Huawei, IUCN, and other organizations participated in panel discussions addressing the challenges and opportunities of using technology in conservation. Topics included the ethical implications of AI, the need for cross-sector collaboration, and strategies for scaling successful pilot projects to broader applications.

Impact and Future Prospects

The Tech4Nature Summit underscored the transformative potential of technology in nature conservation. Integrating advanced digital tools enables conservationists to gain precise data, enhance monitoring capabilities, and implement more effective protection strategies. Huawei's commitment to sustainability and innovation positions the company as a key player in global conservation efforts.


The Tech4Nature Summit, hosted by Huawei and IUCN, marked a significant step towards harnessing technology for environmental conservation. Highlighting successful initiatives and fostering discussions on future tech-driven conservation, the event paved the way for more collaborative and innovative approaches to preserving the natural world.

For more information, visit the Tech4Nature website.


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