The Future of Your Business, In China

With today’s business environment becoming more and more competitive and the world economic forecast being talked about in the boardrooms of business all across the globe, it makes sense to look to a social and economic powerhouse like China for the future of your business. China Business Forum is the exclusive business resource dedicated to becoming the leading online and offline community in the world for SME’s interested in doing business in China.

Our Mission

Created by Hong Kong based, Business Globalizer Limited, China Business Forum is operated by European entrepreneur Jari-Pekka Raitamaa. Our mission is to organize and develop events around the world enabling small to medium, and enterprise level businesses more access and more opportunities to do business in China. Our online community is built on ideas, innovation and helping one another to ensure the success of everyone who joins.

If you have questions about doing business in China, China Business Forum has the answers. Maybe you are looking for a manufacturer or supplier; perhaps you have a product and want a larger audience; China Business Forum is the place to start. Every day, we connect business owners from all over the world with resources in China giving them the best, most effective start in China’s dominant foreign economy.

Connect With Us

China Business Forum is free to register and offers a wide range of premium membership options to choose from. Don’t you think it’s time for your business to join the world’s second largest economy? Sign up today and join the thousands of others in our global business community who are enjoying new business relationships in China.