CNBF Daily Brief 24.2.2023

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China's international trade in services stood at 459.5 billion yuan (67.6 billion U.S. dollars) in January, according to the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. Services exports totaled 177.4 billion yuan last month, and services imports were at 282.1 billion yuan, resulting in a trade deficit of 104.8 billion yuan.

Transport was the biggest services trade contributor, with a 143-billion-yuan trade volume. International trade in travel services reached 109.1 billion yuan while trade in telecommunications, computers and information services amounted to 56.3 billion yuan.

The majority of capital goods in China posted lower prices in mid-February 2023 compared with early February, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. Of the 50 goods monitored by the government, which include seamless steel tubes, gasoline, coal, fertilizer and some agricultural products mainly used for processing, 14 posted higher prices, and 34 saw a decline in prices.

Hog prices gained 6.4% in mid-February to 14.9 yuan (about 2.16 U.S. dollars) per kg. The figures are published every 10 days and are based on a survey of nearly 2,000 wholesalers and distributors in 31 provincial-level regions across the country.

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