Membership benefits:

  • Members Directory

    Business: All members get their business listed in our members directory.
    Sponsor: Logo on front page of the directory.

  • Social Media Promotion

    Business: Can use each of our social media channels once a month for promotional post.
    Sponsor: Weekly promotional post on each of our social media channels.

  • Guest Posts and Distribution

    Business: Possibility to publish one guest post on our website each month.
    Sponsor: Weekly guest post.

  • Publications & Advertisements

    Business: All new members will be announced in our newsletter.
    Sponsor: Sponsors logo published in the end of each newsletter..

  • Workshops & Events

    Business: Free or discounted participation to our workshops and events.
    Sponsor Possibility to sponsor our workshops and events for discounted price.

  • Slack Insiders Community

    Slack community makes it easy to communicate with our team and other members.

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If you have any questions about the membership. Please contact us at [email protected].