How Hainan is becoming the sporting industry super venue in China

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From Dec 3 to 5, 2021, China's first sporting goods and import expo - First China (Hainan) Sporting Goods and Equipment Import Expo was successfully held in Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The launching of the Expo was jointly sponsored by the China Sporting Goods Industry Federation and Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television, and Sports, which is the cornerstone of Hainan stepping up from industrial level to sports economy in market structure. Combined with the unprecedented tax-free policy advantages provided by Hainan free trade port, Hainan has begun to form a complete layout of mutual promotion of international sports event economy, international duty-free consumption economy of sporting goods, and international duty-free processing trade economy of sporting goods industry, so as to graft the Chinese market for the world sports industry and the international industrial chain for the capacity of China's sports industry. The city will become the super hub of the world-class sports industry.

As a non-governmental diplomatic organization that promotes international friendly exchanges and cooperation, the head of Hainan Haisi Cultural Development Foundation, the exclusive organizer of Hainan Sports Expo, said that China, with an annual economic growth rate of over 6%, ranked number one in world's population and second on the global economic scale, has successfully hosted the Summer Olympic Games, and is about to host the Winter Olympic Games and actively bid for the Asian Games. China also lists sports as one of the educational evaluation policies of the country that attaches the most importance to education. In this astonishingly huge consumer market, the sports economy is growing rapidly in the reality of high-quality development. The Chinese market will contribute greatly to the growth pole of the global sports industry economy.

Let's say if you are running a sporting goods company, what kind of market will help you grow into the super player of the game?

First, the market needs to be big and active, and by that, it means big enough to involve enough numbers of potential customers and outdoor enthusiasts for your business. Second, your target demographic needs to be active in the market, and the probability of them being exposed to your brand during sporting events is also a key factor. Last but not least, will your potential consumers be able to purchase your product with the best value possible? And do you have a shipping service that will get to your customers from every part of the world effectively? So that the products or events can be shared among the sporting industry internationally, whether is through online streaming services, or offline sponsored events, and at the end, making the decision on purchasing your product. At the same time, moving your production into the market is something worth considering. Not only that you can get the preferential industrial policies and comprehensive industrial supporting facilities provided here, so that your products can be manufactured locally with the lowest cost and highest efficiency, and ready to be exported to the world. During the process, a certain event might eventually collaborate as part of your brand project, and the new factory will merge into your cost-effective operation strategy, and so on form into a virtuous circle.

Hainan is at the forefront of China's international free trading; it has a 1927.6 km coastline and China's unique tropical climate. It has 24 national training bases, 2 provincial training bases, more than 100 maritime and water sports venues, more than 140 golf courses, and over 120 tennis courses. It is extremely rich in sports competition and sports tourism resources; There are hundreds of international events such as the Tour of Hainan, Round Hainan Regatta, the Hainan International Marathon, the Hainan Open, and Wanning international surfing Festival.

A new generation of global top sports industry players will be born in China and gather in Hainan! Hainan China is on the way to becoming the international super venue for sporting industry.

Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports


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