[Hey China!] Who and what rules Huawei: A discussion with Lesley White

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Hardly can there be a global corporate titan more mysterious than Huawei. 

The global technology giant has been at the epicenter of the US-China trade war and the battle for tech supremacy.

This week, the UK government may confirm its decision on the removal of Huawei’s equipment from the country’s 5G network by 2025, setting the dominos of tech decoupling in Europe. 

Huawei, the world’s second-largest smartphone maker after Samsung and before Apple, and its products have already been targeted by a slew of U.S. government sanctions deeming it a cybersecurity threat.

In exclusive comments to Hey China! Lesley White, Huawei’s Deputy VP of HR West Europe, talks to Shirley Yu and Martina Fuchs about:

- The potential Huawei 5G network ban in the UK: ”We are hopeful and we are confident” 

- Job cuts due to COVID-19? “We are relying on digitalization. At the moment, we do not have to furlough any staff” 

- Who ultimately makes the decisions at Huawei, and how are they taken?

- How is Huawei’s wolf culture intimidating the world?



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