[Hey China!] A TV chef and a WeChat entrepreneur: How two foreigners became KOLs on Chinese social media

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Antoine Bunel and Fionn Wright. What's their common denominator? They’re both "laowai" KOLs and hugely popular on Chinese social media, getting zillions of views.

The first is a self-taught TV chef, media personality and digital strategist who runs live cooking shows, while the other is a WeChat entrepreneur, a worldschooling father, and an award-winning documentary producer.

In this episode of Hey China!, Shirley Yu and Martina Fuchs chat with them about why the Chinese – from grandmas, grandpas to farmers – are so crazy about apps and live streaming, the increased appetite for cooking at home and Western recipes, and why KOLsshould have a message and moral values.

- Antoine: “The virus has brought us a hell lot of fans”
- Fionn: “China is showing us what the future of the Internet will be”
- Antoine: “I’m worried about the next generation of KOLs”


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