Business Etiquette in China

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If you are embarking on a business trip to China it can be very overwhelming. Understanding how to approach business in china can be difficult for anyone that is not familiar with china business etiquette and culture. Therefore, it is important to be prepared and have adequate knowledge of business in china etiquette in order to be successful and make a great lasting impression.

It is important to not be overly friendly in china. This means that you shouldn’t insist that Chinese business associates address you buy your given name immediately. This custom is very popular in western tradition, but is not seen as necessary in China. Most Chinese greetings begin with a simple gesture. This involves giving a small nod or bow as a sign of respect and recognition. However, many Chinese greet Westerners with handshakes. Don’t assume that lack of eye contact and soft handshakes signal shyness. In china most people aren’t as accustomed to handshakes and don’t always perform them in the way that Westerners do.

Business in china etiquette assumes that the first person to enter the room is the leader of the group. If you are traveling with a business team it is important to observe this custom, because failure to do so will cause much confusion. Business in China usually requires that important guests are ushered to their seats and the leader of the Chinese business associates will be place directly opposite the Western leader.

If you have a business card to give, there are certain business in china rules that you should consider. First, you should hold your business card with both hands and present it to your Chinese counterpart face up. Never, toss a business card across a table, because this gesture will be seen as rude. In contrast, if you are given a business card it is important to look at it intently before placing it in your pocket. Failure to look at the business card will signal that you are uninterested.

In China most business meetings will begin with small talk. Avoid trying to jump directly into conversation associated with business. Failure to act accordingly may end a business deal before it even begins. Many Chinese business associates understand that you are inexperienced with Chinese culture, but a greater understanding will show your dedication. If you want your business in China dealings to be successful, you should implement these Chinese etiquette tips.

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