Bakery China Concludes The 26th Edition with a Whopping 393,009 Visits in Shanghai

Bakery China Concludes 26th Edition with Record-Breaking Attendance in Shanghai

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The 26th edition of Bakery China concluded with an impressive 393,009 visits, highlighting its status as a premier event for the baking industry. Held in Shanghai, this year's exhibition featured a vast array of baking products, technologies, and innovations. The event provided a platform for industry professionals to network, explore new trends, and discover cutting-edge solutions in baking. The record attendance underscores the growth and dynamism of the baking sector in China and beyond.

Key Highlights

Record Attendance: With 393,009 visits, this year's Bakery China set a new benchmark, reflecting the event's growing influence and importance in the global baking industry.

Innovations and Trends: The exhibition showcased the latest in baking products and technologies. Attendees had the opportunity to see demonstrations of new equipment, ingredients, and techniques that are shaping the future of baking.

Networking Opportunities: Bakery China provided a valuable platform for professionals from around the world to connect, share insights, and forge new business relationships. The event facilitated meaningful exchanges between bakers, suppliers, and industry experts.

Global Participation: The event attracted a diverse group of participants, including exhibitors and visitors from various countries, highlighting the international appeal of Bakery China. This global participation underscores the event's role as a hub for international trade and collaboration in the baking sector.

Future Prospects

The success of the 26th edition of Bakery China sets the stage for future growth and innovation in the baking industry. The event's ability to attract record numbers of visitors and exhibitors demonstrates the robust interest in and demand for new baking technologies and solutions. As the industry continues to evolve, Bakery China will remain a key platform for showcasing advancements and fostering industry development.


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