Yishi Chen (right), Executive Vice President of Whale Cloud International and Zhixian Li (left), Senior Director, Alipay+ Wallet Tech at Ant International, during the signing ceremony

Whale Cloud and Ant International Forge Strategic Partnership to Expand E-Wallet and Super App Technologies

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Whale Cloud and Ant International have announced a strategic partnership to enhance and expand e-wallet and super app technologies globally. This collaboration aims to leverage Whale Cloud's advanced cloud-based solutions and Ant International's expertise in digital finance to drive innovation in mobile payment systems and super app functionalities. The partnership focuses on providing seamless, secure, and efficient digital financial services, enhancing user experiences, and fostering financial inclusion across various markets.

Key Highlights

Innovative Collaboration: The partnership combines Whale Cloud's technological prowess with Ant International's financial expertise to revolutionize e-wallet and super app ecosystems.

Global Reach: This strategic alliance aims to expand the availability of advanced digital financial services to a broader audience, promoting financial inclusion and access to secure payment solutions worldwide.

Enhanced User Experience: By integrating state-of-the-art technologies, the partnership will improve the functionality and user experience of e-wallets and super apps, making digital transactions more convenient and reliable.

Market Impact

The collaboration between Whale Cloud and Ant International is set to significantly impact the digital finance landscape by driving the adoption of innovative e-wallet and super app technologies. This partnership is expected to facilitate the development of new, user-friendly digital financial services, contributing to the growth of the global digital economy.

Future Prospects

With the combined expertise of Whale Cloud and Ant International, the future of digital financial services looks promising. The partnership is poised to lead advancements in mobile payment systems, ensuring secure, efficient, and accessible financial solutions for users worldwide.

About Whale Cloud

Whale Cloud is a leading global provider of digital transformation solutions, specializing in cloud computing, big data, and AI technologies. The company is dedicated to helping enterprises across various industries achieve digital success through innovative and scalable solutions.

About Ant International

Ant International is a subsidiary of Ant Group, focused on advancing digital financial services globally. With a mission to bring inclusive, green, and sustainable financial services to the world, Ant International leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of financial systems.


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