[Hey China!] Xiaoyin Qu: The woman who “Runs The World”… and the virtual show

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After seven failed ideas, Xiaoyin Qu founded Run The World, an online events platform that empowers social gatherings, just one week before COVID-19 hit:

“I started the company during the craziest time”

Whether prediction skills or pure luck, the startup based in Mountain View is on capital raising spree and a mission to “bringing like-minded people together”, running virtual events from webinars to conferences, social networking to cocktail parties.

Xiaoyin who’d previously led products for both Facebook and Instagram talks to Shirley Yu and Martina Fuchs about:

- The fundraising climate for Chinese founders in the US: “The mission is the number 1 thing” for VCs

- Is Silicon Valley getting more cautious about Chinese money?

- Why video conferencing tool Zoom is not a competitor

- Her vision to drive “meaningful societal changes, ideas exchange a policy improvement”


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